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VJacket VJacket
A Wearable Controller for Live Video Performance. Made in collaboration with Austrian artist Andreas Zingerle.

LSD (Layer Synthesis Device) LSD (Layer Synthesis Device)
A collaborative VJ app. Let the audience control the visuals with their phones!

Android Apps VJ Apps for Android
For Guerrilla VJing on the go.

video projection WiiJ Video VJ Software
Live Visuals with the Nintendo Wii Remote

drumming DrumPants!
Wearable Music Makers

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    I am The New Artist.
    I paint with switches and resistors, capacitors and transistors.
    Instead of mixing pigments I combine electrons.
    My paintings do not have color or form,
    but rather signal and function.

    Instead of instilling emotions in the viewer,
    I make the viewer instill digits into memory
    To add purpose to arbitrary bits crashing into each other.