LSD (Layer Synthesis Device)

VJing in pure HTML5

LSD should take effect in a moment...

Use LSD to VJ live video on the web! Choose video clips and images and blend them together using the mixer controls or the interactive mouse mode. Create your customized hallucination directly in your browser and share with your friends!

LSD is a proof-of-concept application to demonstrate the new video and 2D rendering capabilities of HTML5 and the Canvas element. Use it on a fast browser like Safari or Chrome and you will see UI responsiveness and smoothness comparable to professional VJ software (eh, at low resolutions). Of course, the browsers still have a long way to get up to the speed of a native application, but it is a promising start. (You can even VJ on your phone! Come on, this must be the future already!)

Supported on Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, iPhone, Android (no IE, what a surprise...)

Code and video content copyright odbol, 2010
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GIFs by Adam Harms, David Ope, and unknown sources.