Tyler Freeman's Interactive Curriculum Vitae

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Tyler Freeman is an inventor, engineer, and artist who specializes in designing interfaces that bring the body closer to the machine.



Santa Cruz, CA

Digital Arts and New Media M.F.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

Thesis project: Doodler, an online social network based on collaborative drawing and art, written in Flash and PHP.


Santa Cruz, CA

Computer Science B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

Graduated with Highest Honors in the Major and College Honors (GPA: 3.9)

Experience with Android, Windows, MacOS X, Unix/Linux, Amazon Web Services, Tensorflow.

Proficient in Android, Wear OS, iOS, Java, Objective-C, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, SQL, PostGIS, C/C++, C#, Max/MSP/Jitter, ARM microcontrollers, Arduino, Processing, OpenFrameworks, Microsoft .NET, ASP, Reactive Programming, Python, Flash/Actionscript, Photoshop, Sketch, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc...

Exhibitions and Featured Works

Work Experience

12/16 – current

San Francisco, CA

UX Designer / Software Engineer Google - Wear OS

Working on the next Android Wear OS smartwatches.

  • UX / Interaction design
  • Motion design
  • Haptics design
  • Software architecture and engineering

1/16 – 12/16

San Mateo, CA

UX Designer / Software Engineer Cronologics (Acquired by Google)

Smartwatch startup

  • UX Design, Motion Design, and prototyping for smartwatches
  • Architected Bluetooth connection and Internet Proxy
  • iOS and Android companion apps

4/13 – 1/16

San Francisco, CA

CTO Tappur

  • Managed teams of hardware and software engineers to build the DrumPants, a wearable musical instrument.
  • Engineered DrumPants firmware for Bluetooth LE and signal processing
  • Architected and programmed the cross-platform DrumPants app on Android, Mac, Windows
  • Wrote Tappur's Android Wear app
  • UX and motion design

9/12 – 9/13

San Francisco, CA

Software Architect BandPage

  • Managed the mobile app team and architected the Android app.
  • Architected several new backend and frontend systems for BandPage products.
  • Developed Node.js web framework for highly efficient code-sharing of presentation layer, so pages could be rendered on the server or the client with the same codebase.

3/11 – 9/13

San Francisco, CA

CTO MondoWindow

  • Managed the design and development teams to leverage new technologies and APIs for in-flight entertainment systems
  • Backend/frontend programming
  • GIS/geolocation databases
  • Database admin, AWS systems admin

7/07 – 12/09, 2/10 – 3/11

San Francisco, CA

Web Developer Mediatrope Design Studios

Duties: Backend programming, HTML/CSS design, art production, database admin, web server admin, hardware troubleshooting.

Website Samples:

1/10 – 8/10

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Artist in Residence The Patching Zone

Duties: Collaborating with other artists on digital art projects, teaching urban youths about digital art and technology with workshops.

4/06 – 6/06, 1/07 – 4/07

Santa Cruz, CA

Teacher’s Assistant for Music and the WWW Music Department, UCSC

Duties: Setup before class, grading, help students with projects/questions in lab.

9/06 – 12/06

Santa Cruz, CA

Teacher’s Assistant for Intro to Digital Art Film and Digital Media Dept., UCSC

Duties: Leading discussion sections, grading, helping students in office hours, writing tutor.

3/06 – 6/06

Santa Cruz, CA

Installation Engineer Unnatural Selection Project Group, UCSC

Duties: Creating hardware and software for motor control, projected visuals and sound processing. Building installation in a gallery space.

6/05 – 12/06

Scotts Valley, CA

Software Engineer Borland Software

Duties: Programming scripts for building various help formats from XML. Developed and maintained DocBuilder, a program used to automate and simplify build scripts for end-users.

6/04 – 6/05

Scotts Valley, CA

Tech Writer Borland Software

Duties: Tech writing help files, tutorials, and example programs for Web Services in Delphi and C# for Microsoft .NET

1/06 – 3/06

Santa Cruz, CA

Teacher’s Assistant for Music, Politics and Protest Music Department, UCSC

Duties: Setup before class, grading, help writing exams.

10/03 – 9/05

Santa Cruz, CA

Web Developer and Sales/Technology Associate JR Techie

Duties: Sales, customer service, website design, building and fixing computers.

1/02 – 3/05

Santa Cruz, CA

Web Developer Instructional Tech. Center, UCSC

Duties: Design websites, tech support, teaching faculty about various technologies.

6/98 - current

San Francisco, CA

Owner/Web Developer Absolute Zero Web Design

Duties: Web design, sales, customer service, advertising, bookkeeping

Supervisor: Tyler Freeman, Owner


Santa Cruz, CA

Computer Programming Tutor/Grader Computer Science Department, UCSC

Duties: Grading, help students with homework and programming.


Truckee, CA

Photographer's Assistant/ Videographer Freeman Photography

Duties: Assist photographer at weddings, portraits. Also film weddings and take pictures as secondary photographer.

Awards and Recognition

  • Winner of the AT&T/NYU Connect Ability Challenge for DrumPants TAPS. (2015)
  • Winner of Music Hack Day for Layer Synthesis Device. (2013)
  • Nominated for the MTV O Music Awards for the Leap Orchestra. (2013)
  • Received UC Santa Cruz Student Employment Recognition Award. (2003)
  • Made the Dean’s List 6 times in a row at UC Santa Cruz. (2002-2005)
  • Highest Honors in the Computer Science major, UC Santa Cruz. (June 2005)
  • College Honors in Porter College, UC Santa Cruz. (June 2005)
  • First Place for DrumPants! in the UC Santa Cruz Graduate Research Symposium (May 2007)
  • Third Place for DrumPants! in the Two Heads are Better than One contest. (April 2007)

Publications and Patents

Volunteer Work

  • Engineer for Gallaudet University / VL2 Storybook Labs to make apps to teach children Sign Language. (July 2018)
  • Dataviz Engineer / UX designer for Center for Policing Equity (May 2018)
  • Project Advisor at Google Code U for CS Students (February 2017-June 2017)
  • Mentor at Wearable World Labs, San Francisco, CA. (August 2015-January 2016)
  • Volunteer photographer for Help-Portrait, San Francisco, CA. (December 2011)
  • Volunteer photographer for The Jewish Theater, San Francisco, CA. (August-September 2009)
  • DrumPants demo for Smith Music Day: an educational outreach program for San Francisco Bay Area innercity foster youth. (April 21, 2007)